Correct Server List and Guide

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Correct Server List and Guide

Post by Treat on Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:45 am

More than a few of you are having troubles upon download logging into server. You'll notice this when you try to connect and the server list -- is empty e.i No ping Sad But never fear, there is a simple solution. Just bare with and follow the few simple steps below. First I'll ask you to download this small file filefactory.com serverlist.txt , locate the download, then drag and drop it to your desktop for easy access. Now proceed to follow the steps below .

Step 1. Locate the Elite Kingdom folder via (C:)Program Files (86x).

Step 2.Once you've located the Elite Kingdom folder open it. You will see config, Element, Patcher and some random things below. The only thing you are to worry about is PATCHER. Locate this folder and click on it.

Step 3. Almost there. Now that you've opened Patcher you will see Logs, Server, Skin Video ect.. this means you are in the right place. I want you to open the SERVER file.

Step 4. Once you've opened the Server file you will see pid, serverlist and update server. I want you to right click the serverlist document and delete it.

Step 5. Now that you've you manually removed serverlist.txt , I want you go to the top of the folder and click back so that you see Logs, server,skin and video. Then I want you to look at your desktop, locate the serverlist.txt you downloaded and placed there. Simply drag and drop it onto the server folder. Once you've completed this step, simply run patcher as normal press START and you should see a server list in GREEN now just simply put in your correct log in info and Welcome to Elite Kingdom.


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